With CPR And AED, You Can Save A Life

With CPR And AED, You Can Save A Life

Every year in Singapore, almost 3,000 people die from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, and approximately 70% to 80% of these sad incidents occur in their residences or public places.

Almost in every incident, the nearest person to the victim is often just standing still with no medical experience, like their relative, office colleague, or passer-by. If how at the scene there is a person knows how to do CPR function on the victim, the chances of survival of the victim will rise significantly. So cpr aed singapore is much more needed in today’s world to save a human being.

What Is SCA (Sudden Cardiac Arrest)?

Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) is a severe condition when a human’s heart will unexpectedly and suddenly stops beating, causing stop flowing blood to the brain and different organs.

While the heart stops pounding and blood flow discontinues. Within 15 seconds, a person might lose consciousness, and after 30 to 60 seconds breathing stops, and due to lack of oxygen, irreversible damage happens to his brain cells. It usually occurs with zero warning and can be fatal before fast ambulance services.

How To Perform CPR And Utilize AED?

Heartbeats can occur almost 100,000 times daily, supplying 7,000 liters of blood with oxygen to your entire body.

 At the time of cardiac arrest, the heart will stop pumping, and no oxygen will distribute throughout the body, which leads to death.

CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation)

Knowing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) technique is valuable for lifesaving during emergencies when someone’s heartbeat or breathing has stopped.

AED (Automated External Defibrillator) 

An AED (Automated External Defibrillator) Is a unique portable lifesaving device that monitors the heart rhythm and transmits an electric shock to the heart to revive normal rhythm.

Cpr aed singapore

It would help if you remembered these tips To save a life,

Inspect for risk in your surrounding area

Study for responsiveness of the person who requires help

For an ambulance, Call 995

after calling 995, listen carefully and try to go by their word

Arranged for an AED quickly, which might be available in schools, shopping malls, MRT stations, or in the airport

You have to Start CPR with proper technique (push hard and fast)

Obey the simple instructions and Use the AED

How Does An AED Defibrillator Work?

While using an AED, a victim’s heartbeat scans by an inside computer (using sticky electrodes).

The computer will determine if defibrillation is necessary or not.

If necessary, a pre-recorded voice guides the rescuer on how to start the AED machine.

As instructed, the rescuer must press the AED’s shock button.

The heart is briefly astonished and stops beating due to this shock which gives it a chance to start beating again.

The AED user will guide through the technique via an audible cue.


Immediate application of lifesaving CPR and AED will increase the survival rates of the victim by 50%. You need not be qualified or certified to conduct CPR or operate an AED. But taking a lesson will boost your confidence to act immediately during an emergency because, with cpr aed Singapore, You can save a human life.