Simple Tips to Increase the Longevity of Implanted Teeth

As we all know, experienced dentists’ first choice to treat lost teeth is implanting surgery because it is the only solution that can successfully transform the appearance of your smile by creating natural-looking outcomes. Besides, as a dentist applying dental implants in Orangeville describes, this exceptional option is considered the most durable method to replace lost teeth that don’t require strict maintenance to work properly. Those who have implanted teeth or are planning to undergo this procedure need a full guide on effectively caring for these artificial teeth. This is because, although there are easy to maintain, it is essential to follow proper oral hygiene to ensure they will work properly for a lifetime.

Top Reasons to Take Care of Implanted Teeth

Typically, the materials used to create an implanted tooth may include titanium, ceramic or porcelain. As we know, all of these materials are strong, durable and can effectively resist tooth decay. But it doesn’t mean there’s no need to care for them by sticking to proper oral hygiene. If you neglect to take care of your implanted teeth and use abrasive materials to clean them, some severe issues may arise that gradually lead to implant failure.

As mentioned previously, implanted teeth can strongly fight off dental decay, but it doesn’t mean the surrounding gums will also remain healthy. If you leave severe gum diseases untreated, some life-threatening consequences may occur that not only lead to implant failure but also other severe issues like bone loss may be experienced. Now you have realized why you must follow some simple steps to ensure your implanted teeth are healthy and strong for a lifetime.

Top Reasons to Take Care of Implanted Teeth

Taking Care of Implanted Teeth

Generally, taking care of implanted teeth is more straightforward than you think. Here are some crucial tips that can greatly help you to extend the life span of your implanted teeth:

-Don’t forget to brush them twice a year as you regularly do to keep your natural teeth healthy and clean. Choosing an appropriate kind of toothbrush and toothpaste will be the best idea to ensure their outer surfaces are properly clean and free from bacterial infection.

-Most people know brushing is absolutely useless if it doesn’t accompany regular flossing. It is because brushing cannot access the hard-to-reach areas of your mouth, like the spaces between your teeth and around your gums. Therefore, bacterial infection will grow from these sites and spread to all other surrounding areas or even to all parts of your mouth. That’s why you should keep in mind to increase brushing effectiveness by adding flossing to your oral hygiene.

-Those who prefer to enjoy their attractive smile for the rest of their life should make minor changes in their lifestyle and extend the longevity of their implanted teeth. For example, quitting smoking should be at the top of your priorities to preserve your implanted teeth for an entire life. Besides, you should attempt to add healthy food to your routine diet and minimize using hard and junk food.