Why Dental Implant Is The Best Option To Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Implant

When people lose their permanent teeth due to a lack of good oral hygiene, injuries, severe illness, or other unexpected events, they only consider this problem a cosmetic issue; however, tooth loss has several extreme dangers. Aside from cosmetic problems such as negatively affecting your smile and how you eat or speak, other important risks will convince you to replace your missing teeth as soon as possible. A dental implant is a commonly requested method that can provide several worthy benefits for you. According to a professional dentist performing dental implants in Vancouver, if you are looking for the closest alternative that looks and functions exactly like your natural teeth, dental implants are the right option. Here’s a look at the significant benefits of this exceptional option to help you eliminate all mentioned adverse effects.

Several Benefits of Replacing Missing Teeth with Dental Implant:

However, many reasons can cause missing teeth; there’s one game-changer option when you decide to replace them. According to countless satisfied patients, a dental implant is the number one choice for effectively filling empty spaces in your mouth. The most significant benefits that make dental implants the superior selection for missing teeth replacement include:

Dental Implant

Providing the Look & Feeling of Your Natural Teeth: When you replace your missing teeth with a dental implant, no one can distinguish your implanted teeth from the natural ones. Besides, there’s no need to remove them for effective cleaning like dentures because they are inserted into your jaw bones. Brushing, flossing, and visiting your general dentists are enough to take care of your implanted teeth efficiently.

Protecting Your Oral Health: Your teeth work together to keep your bite aligned. Losing one or several permanent teeth is the underlying reason for moving other teeth into the gaps. As a result, you cannot clean your teeth effectively, and the risk of cracking a tooth when chewing will increase.

Providing Desired Results: Nowadays, millions of patients opt for a dental implant to replace their missing teeth because of its high success rate. Those who have replaced their missing teeth with a dental implant commonly recommend this procedure to their friends and family members because they enjoy the natural look, functionality, comfort, and durability of their implanted teeth.

Dental Implant Surgery

Some essential tips should be considered before replacing missing teeth with a dental implant because the dental implant procedure is slightly different from a dental crown or dental bridge. As the first step, a comprehensive examination is required to determine if your gum and jaw bone are strong enough to support a dental implant. In some cases, tooth extraction is recommended before dental work is performed. It would help if you kept in mind to avoid spitting or drinking through a straw because these actions will increase your bleeding. When the preparation actions are performed successfully, the implant device will be added to your jawbone. You should pass healing time, around 3 to 9 months; to let your dental implant becomes part of your natural gum line. In the final appointment, your artificial tooth will be placed over the implanted site, and you can enjoy the result for a lifetime.