What To Know About This Most Recommended Autonomic Dysfunction Test

What To Know About This Most Recommended Autonomic Dysfunction Test

Every organ and system must work together for the body to function normally. That though can be difficult if any part of the body is not functioning correctly. And most of the time, symptoms of certain illnesses do not manifest until it’s in their severe state. Health care providers want to assure their patients of adequate and accurate testing.

Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test (CMAT) is one of the most recommended tests doctors offer to their patients. This is highly recommended, especially for autonomic dysfunction testing. Read on if you want to know a little bit more about CMAT.

Introducing Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test

Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test (CMAT) can tell the doctor how likely the patient will develop any life-threatening conditions like Type 2 Diabetes, heart diseases, or vascular inflammation. These tests can help physicians determine what causes such situations and what can be done to prevent them from worsening.

Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Test is a platform that provides physicians with accurate and valuable information about Cardio-Metabolic risks, the autonomic nervous system, as well as any potential loss of functions that the patient’s chronic health conditions may cause. This is an easy-to-use software that lets doctors get a glimpse of the status of their patient’s health in minutes.

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Benefits Of Using CMAT

With Cardio-Metabolic Assessment Testing, doctors can track their patients’ diseases or complications, whether it’s getting better or worse. The software also helps physicians differentiate if the patient has vascular or neurological conditions. This way, they can provide treatment more efficiently. CMAT ensures insulin resistance and diabetes are caught early on as well. This test will detect early signs of a stroke or heart attack in the patient. In addition, CMAT can effectively evaluate the patient’s progress and response to the prescribed medications and treatments.

CMAT – What To Expect?

There are plenty of benefits to utilizing CMAT. This is highly recommended since it’s quick and efficient. The test lasts for only 8 minutes, and it is also non-invasive. For most of the test, the patient lays flat and relaxed on an exam table. During the test, the patient will be instructed to do breathing exercises. They will also need to stand for about a minute. Blood pressure cuffs are in place on both ankles and arms to monitor the test results. Also, a pulse oximeter is on a finger and sensors on the feet.

CMAT At University HTS Clinic

University Heights Medical Associates value your health as much as their patients do. They have a team of well-experienced doctors and nurses who can care for you whether you have a specific health problem or need regular checkups.

It is a known fact that heart disease can happen to anyone, no matter how fit they are. The results of these tests will be able to provide both doctors and patients with a clear picture of how bad a person’s heart disease is or how soon it starts to get worse. Then, if needed, this information can be used to take precautions or to reassure the patient that their health journey is on the right track.