The Important Signs that Indicate You Need Emergency Care

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Although professional dental experts highly recommend us to have regular dental visits at least twice a year, the unfortunate fact in dentistry is that most patients only tend to have dental visits when they have unbearable dental pain. According to an emergency dentist in downtown Vancouver, there is no way to plan dental emergencies, and they typically happen when you least expect them. And unfortunately, skipping your regular dental check-ups may result in more severe emergency dental issues. This is why some important signs of dental emergency conditions are listed in this article to help you understand when you should seek emergency dental care.

Significant Signs of Dental Emergency Issues

Toothaches: As everyone knows, toothaches can come in all degrees of pain and discomfort. So learning vital signs that inform you what an emergency is and what is not, can help you to perform the best reaction to relieve your pain as soon as possible. The important point that should be noted is that in most cases, leaving your tooth pain to another day can lead to more severe dental conditions later. Since all body members are connected, diagnosing the main underlying reason for your dental pain is not fairly simple. The only one that can provide a proper diagnosis is your professional dentist.

Loose Teeth: However, loose teeth are a normal condition among children when replacing their milk teeth with their permanent ones; it is an alarming sign if adults experience this dental issue. Loose teeth can cause unbearable pain and usually indicate severe dental injury. Regardless of the underlying reason, if you want to ensure your teeth will remain strong and intact, make an appointment with your emergency dentist as soon as possible. Besides, in some cases, the localized infection can cause loose teeth. Professional emergency dentists will do a comprehensive oral exam to diagnose the underlying reason and choose the best method to fix your problem relatively simply.

The Important Signs that Indicate You Need Emergency Care

Painful & Bleeding Gums: Although it seems normal for most people to see bleeding gums after brushing or flossing, it may be an early sign of severe gum diseases like gingivitis. Instantly visiting the nearest emergency dentists can be beneficial, especially when bleeding is accompanied by swelling and unbearable pain. Treating gum diseases in the initial stages can guarantee the health of your permanent teeth.

Dental abscess: Once you see any signs of a dental abscess in your mouth, you should go to the nearest dental clinics that provide emergency services. As usual, dental abscesses are accompanied by severe pain because they affect your teeth’s roots. A dental abscess usually happens when you leave dental decays and cavities untreated.

Swollen Jaw: Professional dental specialists say a swollen jaw can indicate severe dental infection. In most severe cases, patients complain of other symptoms like fever, bad breathing, and painful swallowing. In such cases, dental emergency care is required to relieve your pain and avoid further complex problems.

Broken Braces & Wires: Orthodontic treatment to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth is highly recommended. In this method, some brackets are attached to your crowded teeth, then connected with wires to apply gradual pressure on your teeth and force them to move to their correct position. In some cases, if the wire breaks or sticks out the bracket, it is best to seek dental emergency care.