The Benefits & Drawbacks of Dentures


You may experience tooth loss for several reasons, such as trauma, tooth decay, and gum diseases. The critical point that should be paid more attention to is that replacing missing teeth have to be on the top of individuals’ to-do list; otherwise, you will face more complicated issues which require further treatments with extra expenses. Chewing difficulty, bone loss, dental shifting, aged look, and lower self-confidence are just some of the possible problems you may experience if you leave missing teeth untreated. Dentures are one of the traditional dentistry methods to replace missing human teeth. As a professional dentist applying dentures in Toronto explains, although cosmetic dentistry science offers newer options such as dental implants and dental bridges to restore missing teeth, many volunteers prefer to replace their missing teeth with dentures. Please continue reading this article to learn anything you need about the advantages and disadvantages of replacing missing teeth with dentures.

The Advantages of Wearing Dentures

Since dentures are removable dental appliances, people think that wearing dentures can cause uncomfortable feelings. If these people are aware of the countless benefits of this cosmetic dentistry method, they will be convinced that it is valuable to tolerate any temporary discomfort.


Newer types of dentures are designed to function more comfortably and look like your natural teeth.

There’s no food restriction after wearing dentures, and you can eat anything you used to eat before you lost your teeth.

Dentures have the potential to bring back beauty to your smile and resolve any problems caused by missing teeth.

Since your permanent teeth have responsibilities to support your facial muscles and prevent you from looking older, losing one, multiple, or all of your teeth may cause the muscles of your teeth to lose their support and start to sag. Dentures will replace your facial muscle’s support to prevent you look overaged.

One of the essential benefits of dentures is reducing the rate of bone loss.

Proper cleaning is available because all dentures are removable.

You may suffer from some speech issues, and pronouncing some words is difficult for you due to tooth loss. With the help of dentures, professional dentists will make sure that all your speech issues can be resolved quickly.

Several materials are offered to provide a more natural look.

Dentures are the least costly restoration method for those concerned about cost factors.

Preparation process isn’t necessary before replacing your missing teeth with dentures. If the shape of your teeth and jawbones is not in good condition, dentures are still the practical option for you, while dental bridges and dental implants need several requirements before installation.

The Disadvantages of Wearing Dentures

As we mentioned above, cosmetic dentistry advancement has eliminated most of the disadvantages of wearing dentures, but it should be noted that dentures are required to be removed regularly with the goal of proper cleaning, so if you are not comfortable with removing them, dentures are not a suitable choice for you. Besides, some cheap dentures don’t fit properly in your mouth and may cause some chewing difficulty for you to avoid this problem. It is necessary to find a skilled dentist who can fit dentures made of unique materials with high quality.