Some Interesting Facts about Teeth Whitening

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Since having a set of pearly whites in your mouth can bring numerous benefits, people try their best to improve their oral hygiene habits and keep their teeth clean and healthy. Although regularly spending enough time to brush and floss your teeth is a golden factor in preserving the brightness of your natural teeth, several other reasons, like colorful consumption, smoking tobacco, and even the aging process, can gradually darken your teeth. Nowadays, one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures that are highly-requested all over the world is teeth whitening treatment, which can potentially bring brightness back to your teeth. According to a trusted dentist performing affordable teeth whitening in Scarborough, this cosmetic dental treatment is a non-invasive method through which you can restore the natural color of your teeth. Please follow this helpful article to learn interesting facts that should be considered before the beginning of this procedure.

The Main Reasons That Cause Dental Discolorations

The following items are top reasons that can cause your teeth to lose their youthful sparkle over time:

Having Acidic Food & Beverages: Those more interested in enjoying their pearly whites for a lifetime should eliminate food and drinks that contain intense amounts of acid, like tea, coffee, soda, wine, berries, and so on. Having too much of these consumptions can stain your teeth.

Dental Trauma: Your teeth may become discolored because of dental injuries. When your teeth’s enamels are injured due to trauma, more dentin will appear then your tooth looks yellowish.

Smoking: Generally, all tobacco products contain nicotine that can potentially discolor your natural teeth. Smoking not only can ruin your beautiful smile, but it can also threaten your well-being and cause several medical complications. Therefore, giving up smoking will help you to take an excellent step to preserve your overall health.

Some Interesting Facts about Teeth Whitening

Medications: Some people should use prescribed medications as a part of their treatments. Although taking this medication can be very beneficial to solve your issues, in some cases, they stain your natural teeth. Some important drugs that can cause dental discoloration include antipsychotics, antihistamines, and hypertension medications.

Ageing Process: As mentioned above, dentin is a yellow layer under your teeth’s enamel. As people age, the outer layer will become thinner; as a result, the yellow underneath layer will be more visible.

The Help of Teeth Whitening to Eliminate Dental Stains and Discolorations

The most straightforward solution to get rid of dental discoloration is buying special types of whitening products like whitening gels and stripes and using them according to what their manufacturers prescribe. Typically, all types of whitening products contain various amounts of hydrogen peroxide that can break hardened stains into smaller pieces and remove them easily from the surface of your teeth and make them whiter and brighter. The most crucial point that should be noted is that teeth whitening treatments cannot create a desirable outcome in all types of dental discoloration. For example, severe dental discolorations that make your teeth look brown or gray cannot be solved with teeth whitening. In such cases, you will discuss with your dedicated dentists to try other dental cosmetic options like dental bonding or dental veneers to achieve what you deserve.