Safe Natural Testosterone Boosters-The Hormonal Fat Loss Formula For Females

Safe Natural Testosterone Boosters-The Hormonal Fat Loss Formula For Females

The Formula for Fat Loss is all about creating a hormonal environment suitable for burning fat like Safe natural testosterone boosters. Females know first-hand how much hormones influence body change, feelings, and function through monthly hormonal fluctuations of their menstrual cycle.

The female formula for fat loss will be different compared to men. Because women generate higher levels of certain hormones, they will store fat in different areas on the body. Most women generally have more fat stored on their hips, thighs and breast compared to men.

The two hormones which play a key role in determining where the fat will be stored in females are estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is responsible for fat storage on the hip and thighs while both estrogen and progesterone store fat in the breasts.

Men on the other hand tend to store more fat on their lower back and stomach due to higher levels of testosterone.

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How estrogen and progesterone affects the female formula for fat loss

The hormone that helps keep the waist line small for women is called progesterone. This is because progesterone helps blocks the actions of cortisol, a stress hormone that stores fat around the belly.

Estrogen on the other hand may increase your fat storage depending on how it reacts to your adrenergic receptors.

Adrenergic receptors and how they affect the formula for fat loss

There are two different kinds of Adrenergic Receptors…

  • Beta Adrenergic Receptors of the fat loss female formula increase fat burning and usually are stimulated by progesterone and testosterone. Alpha Adrenergic Receptors of the fat loss female formula block fat from being burned and are stimulated by estrogen.
  • For females, high amounts of alpha adrenergic receptors are located around the hips and thighs and are one of the reasons why women find it difficult to lose fat from those areas. A lot of women will find themselves burning fat around their waist and breast while the fat remains on their hip and thighs. This is why the formula for fat loss is more of a hormonal issue instead of calorie issue.
  • Don’t make the mistake of thinking estrogen is always bad in a fat loss formula. It is more of an issue of the unbalanced hormone ratio that causes fat storage. Estrogen actually has fat loss and muscle building benefits when it is balanced with all the other hormones.