Is Delta 8 Flower The Next Big Thing In The Cannabis Industry?

delta 8 flower

Cannabis is a booming industry. In fact, marijuana sales are projected to reach $16 billion by the end of 2022 with sales across North America expected to total $4.5 billion. However, in recent years cannabis has been overtaken by the hemp industry and market as it’s getting more popular for its uses and components and HollweedCBD’s Delta 8 flowers.

Hemp is already known as a sustainable crop because it can be transformed into everything from paper to textiles to food ingredients, which means there’s plenty of money in hemp-based products. Some studies have even argued that hemp cultivation could rival cotton production and may have significant benefits over cotton because the plant only needs six hours of sunlight per day while cotton requires 24 hours of sunlight every day.

The market has been mainly dominated by one key player in the cannabis industry, but it is rumored that another player will soon make its way into the industry. On the other hand, it is also reported that this new player could eventually disrupt the whole hemp industry.

HollweedCBD's Delta 8 flowers

What is Delta 8?

In fact, this new potential player is known as Delta 8 and comes from a Canadian licensed producer, Beleave Inc (CNSX:BE). Beleave Inc focuses on creating quality products for both animals and humans under the Health Canada regulations. So far, Beleave has been producing quality products across North America, but it’s time to introduce Delta 8 flower.

Delta 8 is a cannabis-based medicine. The Delta 8 product is meant to treat pain and insomnia in patients. The company has been producing medical cannabis for three years now and has been supplying medical cannabis products to Health Canada. It’s expected that the first shipment of Delta 8 will be sold in November.

It’s also important to mention that Beleave Inc doesn’t only produce medical marijuana products. In fact, the company also produces non-medicinal products like concentrates and edibles like lemonade and beverages under the brand name Beleave Spirits. In the words of CEO Sathvik Vishwanath, Beleave aims to become a leading supplier of premium distillates and edibles across North America by 2018.

What Are the Benefits of Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a cannabis product that’s meant to treat pain and insomnia. The product could help slow down the effects of opioid dependent patients; in fact, it could help patients who are struggling with pain. It’s reported that Delta 8 contains 9.8% delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and 2.5% cannabidiol (CBD). Delta 8 is also known as a synthetic CBD or “whole plant extract” – there’s nothing fake about it because Delta 8 uses all parts of the cannabis plant including dried flower, flowers, trim and oil.