Getting a Better Understanding of Emergency Contraceptive Pills

emergency contraceptive pill

Whether you should use contraceptive pills or not, you should first know what these are and how do they work? There may be multiple reasons to use contraceptive pills, but the main reasons remain the same in every case. Contraceptive pills, also known as hormonal contraceptives, are used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Although most women have these pills with them in most cases, there are times when you don’t. In such times, you can buy emergency contraceptive pill in Singapore.

Benefits of contraceptive pills

Besides preventing pregnancies, the contraceptive pills come useful for many other things like the following:

  • Lighter and regular periods
  • Lesser hormonal acne
  • Less severe menstrual cramps
  • Fewer symptoms of PMS
  • Reduced risk of endometrial and ovarian cancer

You may have not known about these benefits until now. Now that you know, let’s move further.

Things to take care of while taking contraceptive pills

Before you start taking contraceptive pills, there are a few things that you must take care of that are:

  • Remember to take the pill daily
  • The pills are safe if you use them for a long-term
  • Even when you are on the pill, practice safe sex
  • The pill doesn’t result in weight gain

Is there any difference between monthly and emergency contraceptive pills?

Both monthly and emergency contraceptive pills are hormonal pills that help prevent unwanted pregnancies. It is vital to know the difference between the two for making the right choice.

Monthly pills need to be taken at the same time daily for effective birth control while emergency pills can be taken within 3-5 days of unprotected sex. While monthly pills are 99% effective, contraceptive pills are about 90% effective.

You cannot always go out to buy these pills for many reasons. What can you do in such situations? There is nothing to worry about. You can always use your phone for quick service. You can even see a doctor virtually at the Doctors Anywhere app to consult about which pill would be the right pick for you. The benefits of using the app are:

  • You can consult a doctor discreetly with end-to-end encrypted calls.
  • You can save the cost of traveling to the clinic and your time.
  • You can order monthly and emergency contraceptive pills from anywhere anytime. The medication will be delivered right to your doorstep within 3 hours of ordering.

If you have any questions regarding contraceptive pills, you can always install the DA app.