Dealing with The Most Severe Dental Emergency Condition

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Generally, a dental emergency refers to a problem involving the teeth and supporting tissues that can cause pain and irritation. Since most of these issues have the potential to spread to other healthy tissues and structures, so instantly treating th em should be at the top of your priorities. Luckily, professional dental emergency dentists are always ready to provide successful emergency services to solve your problems. As a dental specialist working at an emergency dental clinic in Maple Ridge explains when you refer to an emergency dentist, he understands the importance of quick action in the event of a dental emergency and do his best to save your natural tooth, even if damaged severely. One of the most severe conditions that can cause unbearable pain and bleeding is a knocked-out tooth. Although we hope you never experience this type of dental emergency, the helpful information provided in this article can help you avoid severe consequences.

How to Prevent Experiencing Knocked-out Tooth?

Although nowadays, technological improvements help dentistry science reach its golden time, and a wide variety of practical dental treatments are provided to meet your dental needs, following some straightforward tips can help you avoid them. For example, if you tend to play contact sports, wearing a mouthguard can decrease the chance of experiencing knocked-out teeth.

The Initial Steps to Deal with Knocked-out Teeth Properly

-Rinse your mouth and the injured teeth with warm water.

-Gather all injured pieces accurately.

-Controlling your pain and bleeding should be at the top of your what-to-do list.

-Don’t Touch the tooth by the root because this part contains essential fibers necessary to increase the chances of proper healing.

-Put the tooth in the socket if you can.

-Keep the tooth’s pieces in a milk container until you visit an emergency dentist.

-Visit dental emergency dentists with no hesitation, and if you can’t visit them, you can contact them to learn the best tips in the initial moments.

Dealing with The Most Severe Dental Emergency Condition

Timely Reaction Is Required  

The most crucial factor that can increase the chance of your tooth survival is an immediate reaction. The professional dental emergency dentists will ensure you to re-implant your knocked-out teeth in the socket successfully if you bring the injured teeth to the dentists within the initial moments. Otherwise, the opportunity for successful re-implanting will decrease considerably if your tooth stays out of your mouth for more than an hour.

How to Control Bleeding?

Since knocked-out teeth can usually cause extreme bleeding, you should try to stop it as soon as possible. You should get a clean gauze and put it over the injured socket. Bleeding will be stopped quickly if you apply pressure over the site by biting firmly. Besides, you should keep in mind to avoid taking medications that contain aspirin because it can increase your bleeding. You are allowed to take some painkillers such as ibuprofen to temporarily relieve your pain until you can visit your emergency dentist.

When your dedicated emergency dentists re-implant your knocked-out teeth successfully, regular check-ups will enable your dentists to examine the tooth again to ensure that the re-implanting process is successful. It should be noted that smoking can interfere with this process, so if you desire the most successful result, you should give up smoking as soon as possible.