Benefits of weight loss for obesity

Benefits of weight loss for obesity

Best belly fat burner for seniors are there in the market but even for that you should spend money so better be healthy and strong. In addition to heaviness in walking and habitual movements, shortness of breath, and a decrease in overall endurance, obesity negatively affects the long-term prognosis of quality and life expectancy.

What gives weight loss and weight maintenance through a gradual change in lifestyle and nutrition:

  • reducing the risk of developing diabetes by 58%;
  • remission or reduction in the degree of manifestations of type 2 diabetes in 50% of cases;
  • reducing the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases;
  • improvement in blood pressure, and blood lipid levels;
  • reduced incidence of sleep apnea;
  • reduced risk of developing depression;
  • improvement of mobility, physical endurance and quality of life in general.
  • Tangible health benefits are noted already with a weight loss of only 5% of the original weight.

Expand your circle of friends:

Losing weight will affect your emotional state and increase your physical activity.  Mobile people easily attract the attention of others.  Take an example from children – boys and girls who prefer to run in the yard are always more popular among their peers than those who stay at home and are not active.

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Financial savings:

Logically, the less you eat, the less money you will spend on food.  Cut your appetites by at least 100 calories a day, do not buy crackers, chips and other unhealthy foods, and you will notice how money increases in your wallet.

Obesity increases the risk of more than 200 diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, reproductive disorders, mental disorders, and others.

The risk of complications increases with BMI, so recommendations for weight loss are a health necessity, not an aesthetic one. Given these data, the duration and quality of life directly depend on the normalization and stabilization of weight.

Effective ways to lose weight with obesity

The recommendations for the treatment of obesity from world health organizations say that several ways work: healthy eating, physical activity, psychotherapy, drug therapy and bariatric surgery.

Nutritional changes: To lose weight, you need a calorie deficit. At the same time, extreme calorie restriction does not bring long-term results, and if there are strict indications for it, it should be carried out in special institutions under the supervision of medical personnel.