Essential Things to Know About Hair Transplants

When a specialist in the hair transplantation field performs the procedures, modern hair transplantation can give excellent results. Hair transplantation is a hair transfer process to remove bald areas on the scalp. It is a condition in which most of your hair tapers slowly, usually on the front of your head.

Details worthy knowing concerning hair transplants

For the hair transplant, the entire hair mass will be obtained from the donor area. To remove hair, a local anesthetic must be applied. After the donor’s hair is removed, it will be cut into approximately two grafts. After that, the hair should be ready for transplant.

But before performing the hair transplant procedure, it is necessary to prepare the bald spot to receive newly distributed hair grafts. The procedure requires anesthesia. The bald scalp transplant process can take up to five hours, depending on the actual size of the area.

The transplanted hair takes some time to adjust to the new position, and the patient will have to return to the Skyclinic clinic after two weeks to have the stitches removed. There will also be post-operative procedures that you will need to follow. The scalp scars will heal faster by sticking to them, and the transplanted hair will look much thicker.

A hair transplant is currently the best solution for hair loss. It is because the effect of this procedure is permanent. Hair transplantation is a relatively simple procedure that allows people to replenish hair loss from bald areas. Natural hair would grow on him, no less.

Two transplants may be required to achieve 85% of normal hair density. However, for some patients, a single hair transplant session is sufficient. Those who wish to have two or more sessions are advised to wait four to six months between sessions. It will allow the surgeon to check for proper hair growth and make sure the wounds from the previous surgery have completely healed before putting the scalp on another set.

Hair transplantation can only be performed on semi-bald people. Hair transplantation is not possible for absolutely bald people due to the lack of a donor zone. It is because someone else’s hair cannot be transplanted to someone else.

Here are some helpful tips for hair transplant procedures:

  • Use only a board-certified surgeon and a board-certified hair restoration clinic.
  • Newly transplanted hairs will grow back after a short time of operation.
  • The best candidate is a person with neck hair, and it is also better to have curly hair and dark skin.
  • It is best to do the operation after finishing the hair coloring so that there is no need for a second operation.
  • The better the doctor, the better the results. Pick someone you’ve heard of or deserve respect.

At the end

Over time, new hair will grow in these areas. After the hair grows back, the results before and after the procedure can be excellent. Men with significant baldness may have a shiny head full of thick hair. Again, results may vary, but this is quite possible thanks to advances in modern hair transplantation.