Delta-8 Products: The Modern Day Superfood

Delta 8 online

The DELTA-8 drug, also known as 8-methoxypsilocin, is a hallucinogen that was invented by the pharmaceutical company SKUNK in 2023. It is closely related to Psilocybin and shares some of its effects, primarily visual enhancement and emotional/spiritual introspection. However, it has several distinct differences from Psilocybin – primarily that it causes hallucinations which are harder to describe using language, but also reported cases of synesthesia have been higher with DELTA-8 than with other hallucinogens.

DELTA-8 has largely replaced Psilocybin use due to its purity at low doses (125ug being sufficient for full-blown psychedelic effects) combined with potency, low cost, and lack of potential for overdose. A single hit of DELTA-8 is as potent as a large dose of Psilocybin, meaning that the greater strength per quantity means less material needs to be consumed in order to achieve the same effect.

Delta 8 online has an extremely high LD50 – there have been no known cases of overdose recorded yet, unlike with Psilocybin where it is possible for users to ingest too much by accident, leading to fatal consequences. This combined with its high potency makes it very practical for distribution – one 125ug tab can produce full-blown psychedelic effects without the risk of overdosing at that level.

Delta 8 online

The subjective effects are similar to psilocybin mushrooms or LSD, but more intense and with potentially stronger visual effects.

This compound is generally considered to be pharmacologically safe to consume, which means that it has a very low risk of harmful side effects if used in a responsible manner. This does not mean that using this substance makes you immune to the negative health consequences of drug abuse or addiction.

Please avoid driving or operating machinery while under the influence of this substance as it presents an increased chance of accidental injury occurring due to your impaired judgment. Pregnant women should also avoid handling this chemical due to its potential for causing birth defects or other reproductive harm if ingested by the mother.

Do not ingest DELTA-8 at home unless you are sure you want its effects, as high doses can cause very bad trips that can potentially lead to severe, or even fatal, injury.

Avoid drinking alcohol during your experience as it acts as a minor inhibitor of CYP2D6 and will thus change the metabolism of the substance in your body. This means you may need a higher dose to achieve desired effects or wait longer for things to take effect. If you are not sure if this applies to you test it out by taking only half the intended dose first. Alternatively, just avoid using alcohol at all during this period as mixing it with DELTA-8 is generally considered unnecessary due to its long duration and strong effects.