Why medicines should be repacked?

KFM Co-Packer

There are numerous pharmaceutical products in the market and manufacturing a new product will be easier than packaging and supplying them to suppliers all around the world.

When a pill or capsule is manufactured, the previous step in supplying them is repackaging. When you first come across the word “repackaging” many of you may think that it means reused medications but this process is nothing but removing an item from its original container and placing it in a second primary container.

It is the safest method to offer patient with safest medicines, as they are taken from its original bigger packages and repacked into safer package, which is usually smaller in size. The best part of repackaging by KFM Co-Packer is the medicines are separated into several packets and thus making patients to keep track of their tablets.

KFM Co-Packer

Some of the best merits of repackaging of medicines include:

  • Since they are packed in separate or individual sheets, patients who are using these medicines everyday can keep track of their regular doses with medication schedule. So, there is no need for someone to remind them to take their tablets and the patients can themselves intake them.
  • When the tablets are packed in bottles, patients may not know whether there are tablets remaining for the next day or do they need to purchase any of them. When they are repacked in individual packets, patients do not need to keep the count of them in mind.
  • Also when it is not repacked, it makes people to purchase more tablet packages in advance and they do have to wait until the current package gets over. By doing this, most of the tablets inside the container may expire soon and leading them to buy another set of tablets.
  • There are also many chances for the container to be broken when it is made of glass. But when it is repackaged into separate smaller sheets, it cannot be broken by anyone or no one can damage them.
  • With repackaging, one can take only one tablet at a time and so no other tablets can ever be touched but with containers, we have to take out all the tablets from the bottle. Therefore, one may used to touch more than one tablets and this can make germs to build up in one and spread to others.

So, repackaging medicines can offer more benefits for patients.