Know about the allergy that causes asthma

allergy that causes asthma

One can easily say that asthma is one of the common diseases seen in the world. But it can affect the normal routine of an individual heavily. This is because while having an asthma attack the person will have shortness in breath which will lead to a situation where he or she faces difficulty in breathing. This is because there is no proper flow of oxygen and this might lead to other complications. While there are plenty of symptoms and triggers for asthma one of the most common trigger seems to be due to the allergens. One should know which allergen triggers this attack in order to have control of the person’s condition.

A common disease

There are millions of people who are suffering from asthma including a large population of children. But among them only a minimal percentage has taken the step to go to the doctor to treat their condition. Several others only go during extreme conditions when there is an emergency. This means that not all these people get the proper treatment for the asthma which eventually causes death in an individual. In fact the numbers only keep rising every year. One of the primary concerns for the asthma attack seems to be due to seasonal allergens. This can be of any type. Some people have pollen as their allergen while others have mold. There are cases where people have hay fever as their allergen too which might lead to the existence of flaring in sinuses and can cause chest congestion. If not treated with the right medication it will lead to severe complication and might even turn fatal.

allergy that causes asthma

Control the allergy

When there is allergy it can irritate the airway which will cause inflammation. But the good thing is that these allergens which cause the asthma attack can in fact be controlled. By knowing the allergy symptoms one can easily eliminate the triggers and stay safe. During the allergy season it is best for the person who is suffering from asthma to stay indoors. This will control the exposure to the allergens that cause the asthma attack and prevent the person from getting into a serious condition. In any case during the allergy season, if there is any kind of difficulty in breathing or if there is continuous coughing then the person should seek medical assistance immediately. Consulting a physician during any such case will help in controlling the attack. Since the allergy causing elements that trigger the asthma can be easily identified with a test, it is better to be aware of these allergens and stay away from it. In any case diagnosing the situation earlier will help in preventing complications.