Things to know about ADHD

Day by day many people are affected because of Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. As we all know, this is a brain disorder. As we all know this is a brain disorder and in most cases it beings in childhood. The children who are affected because of this disorder cannot pay attention. These children will be always restless and they will be always active without any constraint. The most important thing which is to be noted is ADHD will continue even in their adulthood. In some cases, they will last for some years and in some cases even throughout their life.


The way the mother behaves during the time of pregnancy is the main reason for ADHD. In some cases, they may be caused because of genetic disorders. In case if the mother gets addicted to drug or cigarette during pregnancy, the chances of ADHD in her child will be higher. The babies which are born with very less birth weight will also easily get affected to this disorder. Apart from these, getting exposed to brain injuries or environment toxins can also pay way of this disorder. Hence the pregnant woman must follow a healthy lifestyle in order to provide her children a healthy life.

Signs and symptoms

Unfortunately many parents in current scenario are not aware that their child is affected because of ADHD. They tend to consider their child is very active. In case, if the parents fail to point out this disorder of their children, they will face great consequences. It is to be noted that the children with this disorder will make more careless mistakes. Especially this will be very common while doing their home works. These children cannot show attention on a work for a more time. Hence they cannot listen to the lecture or they cannot concentrate on reading for a long time. They will never show attention in following the rules and regulations. They will have great problem in keeping the things organized. They will always mess up the things around them. Apart from this, the signs and symptoms may get varied from one case to another.


Concerta and Adderall are the two famous medications which are used for treating the children with ADHD. Some tend to prefer concerta while some uses adderall. The parents should be aware of what to know about concerta vs adderall. Even though both these are prescribed medicine for ADHD, they are some major differences. The withdrawals symptoms will also get varied between these two drugs. Instead of taking these drugs on their own, one must consult the experts in order to get prescribed with the better of these two drugs. Obviously this will be the safest way.