Steroids Intermediate Bulk Cycle

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Requirements: 2 x GP Test Enanth 250, 1 x GP Deca250, 2 x GP Methan10, 2 x GP Anastrozole

Cycle duration: 10 weeks

Cycle plan: Weeks 1-10 500 mg GP Test Enanth 250 per week. Weeks 1-10 250 mg GP Deca 250 per week Weeks 1-6 40 mg Methan GP 10 per day Weeks 1-10.5 mg GP Anastrozole per day (lasts 10 days after the cycle)

This is the classic Test / Deca / Dbol stack, which was a timeless beloved bodybuilder who hopes to impose weight and add serious muscle. Take 4 GP Methan10 approximately one hour before your workout by weight, starting from day 1, and keep it for 6 weeks. Take 1 ml of GP Test Enanth 250 mixed with 0.5 ml of GP Deca 250 on day 1, and another injection of the same mixture in 2-3 days and continue for 10 weeks. Most people find it easier to meet the same day injection administration schedule. (Example: Sun & Wed or Mon & Thur). Take half of the GP Anastrozole, starting on the first day, and continue throughout the cycle and buy steroids cycles, and for 10 days after the suppression of any estrogen that may occur due to prolonged testosterone.

The GP Enanth 250 (testosterone enanthate) test is an ester of testosterone.

It is responsible for the normal development of male sexual characteristics. In the absence of testosterone, a complete alignment of functional, anabolic and mental functions is possible. These lines clearly show how important and effective is the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is one of the many existing testosterone chemicals.

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GP Deca 250 blocks cortisol receptors and, as a result of their lower coverage, muscle cells and connective tissue cells. Athletes use Deca-Durabolin to build muscle and prepare for a competition. GP Deca 250 (nandrolone decanoate) is good for building muscle because it promotes protein synthesis and at the same time leads to water retention. Methan 10 (Dianabol) starts working almost immediately after entering the body, and after one or two days, the user begins to feel a remarkable surge of power and energy. As a result, many athletes can increase the weight of training by 25-40%. Users no longer complain of joint pain, as a result of a significant accumulation of fluid in the body, they get a good “lubricant”.

GP Anastrozole (Arimidex) reduces the activity of aromatase by approximately 95% from the start. Anastrozole has a specific inhibitory activity against aromatase, in contrast to megestrol acetate or aminoglutetimid. Anastrozole does not affect on Buy Human growth hormone of the adrenal glands. Anastrozole is capable of effectively inhibiting aromatization. The drug is rapidly and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract, while the maximum concentration of the drug in the blood, achieved 2 hours after the introduction of the fast, is metabolized slowly and, therefore, has a relatively long half-life (40 -50 hours), obtained mainly from Urine and in less quantity – in the bile.