Know the factors that cause periodontitis in your life

Being healthy is a must. To keep yourself healthy, you additionally need to prevent microorganisms and poisons from attacking your body. Since your mouth is a magnet for microscopic organisms, an absence of oral cleanliness and preventive care can prompt gum infection, otherwise periodontitis.

A few elements can assume a part in gum disease development. These include:

  • No oral hygiene

The main cause of periodontitis is poor oral cleanliness. Truth be told, it’s the main source of periodontal malady, since it permits plaque development on your teeth and causes aggravation of your gum tissues. After a man eats, a thin layer of plaque and microscopic organisms frame in the mouth. Despicable brushing and flossing is the most widely recognized reason for periodontitis, which can bring about genuine results, for example, loss of tooth, if left untreated.

In spite of the fact that brushing expels the greater part of the plaque, minor bits of microbes left in the middle of and on the teeth solidify into tartar. This is the reason flossing is important daily. Tartar shields the microorganisms from brushing and flossing and the microscopic organisms can chafe the gums and causes periodontitis. Tragically, at-home brushing and flossing can’t evacuate the plaque and microorganisms once they have solidified into tartar.

  • Hormonal imbalance

These imbalances may occur amid pregnancy, puberty, a menstrual cycle or menopause. You may have more sensitive gingiva, expanding your danger of aggravation.

  • Medications

If you’re taking oral medicines, it can influence your oral wellbeing. A few medicines diminish your flow of saliva, while others may cause unusual gum tissue development.


  • Illnesses

Diseases like diabetes, HIV or tumor may make you more defenseless to periodontitis.

  • Smoking

Regular smoking can contribute to periodontitis. You will be surprised to know if smoking is dangerous to your teeth. Isn’t it? Yes, smoking causes poor oral hygiene and the toxins in the cigarette get a direct chance to contaminate your teeth that leads to poor oral health.

  • Hereditary

If you have a hereditary with family members who have or had periodontitis, you may have a higher possibility of getting it, as well. It’s trusted that there’s a sure kind of microorganisms you obtain amid your early life.

  • Age

Age is one of the important factors that cause periodontitis. During childhood, the milk teeth will be more prone to bacterial infections inside mouth. But with oral cleanliness it can be prevented as well. Similarly as the age increases, preventing will be much difficult and it leads to loss of tooth at the worst case where it can be maintained anymore.