We are all born different. People react differently to so many things. The reason why some people react to certain foods while others can comfortably eat the food goes to show how different we are. Each individual is born with their own constitution and each should be treated based on their body make up. A child is born bearing the genetic make-up of his parents. There are traits this child picks from either the father or mother especially when it comes to the strength of the body organs. The physical appearance of a child is also always linked to the father or mother. Sometimes there is a resemblance to both. All these differences mean that no two people suffering the same ailment react in the same way if given the same treatment. Each should be treated based on their individual constitution and this is where the eight constitution medicine is used.

Advantages of using eight constitution medicine

Need based treatment

Rather than treating an ailment, the use of this method means you are treating an individual. Each individual reacts differently to particular medication. You may find two people taking the same medication for similar illness but one may react positively but the other may not see any changes after using the same medication. It is therefore important to treat a person rather than treating an illness and this is what is advocated by the eight constitution medicine.

Different therapies for similar problems

When it comes to the use of alternative treatments, the same belief is held. We all have different energies. For example, when it comes to aroma therapy, different scents are used on different patients. This is because some people may love and be relaxed when using a certain scent while if the same is used on another patient, they leave the room tenser than when they went in for the session. Each individual needs to be treated as such, an individual with different energies that require a different approach to achieve perfect balance.

Use of herbal formulas

Herbal medicine is known to be quite effective and this is the reason why many people have resorted to the use of herbs to heal certain ailments. But like contemporary medicine, some formulas help some people while it has no impact on others. This is why it is important to try different herbs based on individual constitution. When a particular herb does not work, it does not mean that the herb is inefficient. It simply means it was not right for the person’s constitution. The use of the eight constitutional medicine means there is a chance of restoring everyone’s health with the use of herbs but you need to get the right one for each person.