Breast cancer: A cure to hope for


Cancer is one of the worst diseases that the human beings are affected by. Death is very much common in terms of cancer as presently cancer has got no such treatment with which any of the doctors can cure it totally of any patient. It is not like that cancer is very much a new disease so the treatment method for its cure is still not known by the doctors. It has rich also. The relation of the human being and cancer goes back to the 18 the century, where it was first observed and the doctors and the medical practices of that era named it as cancer. As it very much resembled like a hard crust that is present on the upper part of the body of the crab. Actually back then tumors were identified in a better way, however, people never knew the difference between the benign tumor and a malignant tumor. The tumors that caused the cancer is the malignant tumor. So the people back then never had the actual idea how to treat the benign that is non-cancerous tumor also. So in many cases, the doctors faced some of the unfortunate circumstances that when they cured the benign ones it somehow changes themselves to malignant in the future time and the patients suffer even after all those treatment methods.

The mechanism of action

Cancer is a disease which largely operates its function in a generic way. There are many other ways of its operation also but the mode of the operation of the disease is the genetic activation of a particular gene that is present for cancer in the human being. The human genomic organization contains the cancer-causing gene present in them however the presence of it is never felt and we never face this unfortunate disease until and unless it is expressed for some reasons which will activate the gene and thus with the help of the genetic activation of that disease it produces its action and the body will get affected in all possible way that is in most of the cases will cause death. Cancer is very hard to treat and cure and in some cases also to diagnose also. No wonder it is on the third of the worldwide reason of death list in the world. The main factor behind this is their genetic activation and also doctors and the scientists expect another reason that is the disease is very much dynamic and grows with the help of the evolution like that the human beings grew themselves.

Breast cancer

It is the number one cause of the death for a woman in this world through cancer. However, in the lights of the recent events, this particular cancer is getting n some of the cure with the very special type of treatment.


In most of the mammary gland of the breast of the parent suffering from the help of surgery of the breast where cancer has originated and thus they are very much cured of the disease. However, the detection should be done very much before it spread throughout the body.


Breast cancer treatment cost in India has lowered a bit from the past and thus can be availed by many of the peoples from the different economic background, and there are many other NGO’s and government funds that takes care of the patient’s economic problem as well.