Why CRY when Cryo exist!

We live a robotic life and the ‘daily routine’ deprives us of many joyful things. A weekend spa, a lovely session of body massage or a recreation activity can lift our mood and act as stress-busters. But how many of us have the time to get such long massage sessions. We often wish we had something quicker yet enhanced experience. One such is here called ‘whole body Cryotherapy’ that improves the overall skin and nervous system and promotes a deep relaxation.

 A deep detail:

Cryotherapy often referred as Cryosauna, uses gasiform of nitrogen drops as low as minus 274 F inside a chamber. When the skin is treated to such lower temperatures suddenly, it responds by gushing out blood to the chilled area, which basically means ‘supplying the needs where demands are more’. So, the affected place tends to get an excess supply of essentials needed to repair the area. This process of exposing the skin to lower temperatures has shown multiple benefits from soothing out pain to improving skin elasticity.

WBC- Whole Body Therapy

This WBC is an absolute, non-meddling way to care for the soft tissue, nervous system and internal organs. Generally, people related to sports have the habit of treating sore muscles with ice cubes since it is believed ice can reduce the inflammation caused. The same technique is applied in whole body Cryotherapy that makes it one of the premieres of its kind. Have a look at this link http://www.advancedcryonyc.com/health-and-wellness-wbc-treatments to see the famous people who use Cryosauna. You will have a good time getting to know the famous personalities. Wink!


  • Firstly, it improves the overall blood circulation of the body – which on failing leads to several health problems
  • Secondly, it promotes good muscles and joint functions – which on failing leads to the use of walking aids
  • Thirdly, it increases energy and helps reduce fatigue – which is primitive for everyday activity and help you work efficiently
  • Fourthly, it reduces soreness and inflammation – which on failing leads to mobility issues in the affected area
  • Lastly, it meliorates immune function- which on failing is a place for all low-immunity related disease.

This may appear to be strictly health-oriented, but this also extends its advantages to beauty and wellness. So, ladies out there have got a single solution for their full-body beauty needs. The WBC boosts collagen production which is a major concern in skin related issues. So the added advantages in beauty and wellness of this WBC are,

  • Improvement in skin quality
  • Reduction in spots and blemishes
  • Reduction in cellulite (boon)
  • Conditioned hair and nails (Viola!)
  • Rise in metabolism that helps in weight loss

Coming to the safety of this Cryotherapy, this is completely safe, handled by experts and is monitored by an attendant, so that you feel any discomfort at any point in the session you can leave abruptly. So this completely depends on your comfort and is undoubtedly customer-friendly service.

What are you waiting for? Isn’t this more than enough to get to the sessions now? Try out http://www.advancedcryonyc.com/health-and-wellness-wbc-treatments this for a holistic experience and don’t procrastinate to look fuller, healthier and beautiful. Never cry over the beauty when you have Cryo!