Use Winstrol- Stay Away from Anti-Estrogen

Winstrol or Stanozolol is a popular anabolic steroid which is approved for the use of both cattle and human. It helps in the development of muscles and loss of fat at the same time. Its effect is similar to that of the DTH derivative steroid. But one important thing is, like most DTH steroids it does not get converted into estrogen. Winstrol is one of the top steroids used in the cutting cycle and is available in today’s market in both the injectable and oral form. Due to its excellent performance in the cutting cycle, it is preferred by most bodybuilders. Some of the bodybuilders depend only on Winstrol while some prefer to stack it with other steroids.

Winstrol post-cycle therapy

Winstrol post-cycle therapy (PCT) helps bodybuilders to maintain the muscle mass gained during the off-season. This PCT schedule differs amongst bodybuilders. When you are planning to get the right hormonal balance, it can be difficult at times to get it back on the track. Use of such drugs helps to regulate your hormone level but at the same time can cause several side effects and even disturb the body’s endocrine level. Since Winstrol is not a highly estrogenic compound and does not get converted into estrogen, so you do not require an anti-estrogen with this steroid. Estrogen is also responsible for water retention and gives you a bulky look. But with Winstrol, you get a lean look as there is no fear of water retention.

Recommended dosage

One important thing you should note is that most of the anabolic steroids produce avirilization effects in women, which leads to the development of typical male physical characteristics. But on sticking to low doses of Winstrol for a short span of time they can avoid any kind of negative impacts. From the practical point of view, they should never exceed a dosage of 10mg per day. For any female beginner, a cycle of 4 weeks is advised. During this point of time, they should take the drug for every two days for the first week, and then gradually increase to 10mg per day. Men can start with a dose of 50mg and then increase it up to 10mg daily for a period of maximum eight weeks cycle. It is always discouraged for both men and women to increase the dosage above the limit mentioned to avoid any kind of serious health issue. It has been noticed that men prefer the injectable form while female athletes prefer the oral form i.e. tablets. Female users are advised to be extra careful with this steroid.

Results for men and women

Winstrol is known to give very fast results. Just within 30 days with the help of only a few cycles, you can expect to see the optimum desired results. Like all other steroids, in some people, the duration may vary. With Winstrol in a short span of time, you can attain a toned muscular body with lean muscles. This is one of the chief reasons, why this drug has gained so much popularity amongst the fitness freaks and bodybuilders.