Know All About Anavar

Anavar is an anabolic steroid which is also known as Oxandrolone. It was very popular as it helped in increasing strength and dissolving body fat. Its primary use is to cut unnecessary body fat which results in lean muscle mass. If your body has fat structure, accompanying it with the strict diet you can see results even without exercise. It is also proven to increase the retention of nitrogen in the body.

Like many steroids, Anavar comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be used both by men and women and is also available in the name of VAR on the market. It is highly popular for its strength increase, fat reduction during cutting and increase the retention of nitrogen which aids in muscle growth. Most drugs are not suitable for long-term use but Anavar, with its impressive results in fat loss and lean muscle gains, when followed by a good post cycle therapy, can ensure you of long-term gains even after days of stopping it.

Benefits of Anavar:

  1. Oral consumption: It is good news for many that it is a steroid that makes usage easy, unlike others which have to be injected into the body. For many bodybuilders, it is a pain to induce needles. Keeping in view the maximum dosage men and women should not exceed it can be comfortably used without major damages.
  2. Outstanding strength: The most important benefit is its quality of retaining nitrogen and sugar metabolism both of which are helpful in the huge contribution of vigor and strength. The more nitrogen the body retains, the more strength it will have to do workouts. It also does not let you exhaust fast. Sugar metabolism means the body’s ability to metabolize calories you consume so that it keeps getting energy for hard workouts that you do.
  3. Good at fat burning: It acts on fat burning and aids lean muscle tissue which is a boon for bodybuilders to keep their ripped figure intact. Fat burning also leads to more flexibility making body conducive for rigorous movements.
  4. Increases red blood cells count: It increases red blood cells count in the body which is helpful in many ways. It helps in more amount of oxygen to various organs of the body. Good amount of oxygen supply to the brain improves concentration and alertness. Oxygen for the lungs is helpful in good breathing even in most hard workouts. They also help in transporting essential nutrients to the body.
  5. Beneficial for women: Women tend to become anemic and sick during their menstrual cycles. Anavar boosts up physical strength thereby avoiding fatigue. Most steroids are not beneficial for women. But Anavar with its mild properties works wonders in women giving them incredible strength and large muscles.
  6. Gains that have the long life: Though the gains from Anavar are limited they are said to stay long even after weeks of stopping the cycle. Other steroids, though give multiple and quick gains vanish off once the usage is stopped.